They Earn, They Learn

Children are colorful. They are creative by nature. They can be molded into any shape, especially the ones in the pre-teens. However it is unfortunate that this tender phase of children, specially the underprivileged one are sometime exploited and used for unethical purposes. And yet there are ones who see this tender phase as that of learning and blossoming. They invest their time and energy voluntarily to teach these kids lessons of life and love. They introduce them to a world of colors, creativity and music. They impart education in a holistic aspect.

‘Prerana Sahayata Society’ is one such voluntary effort of about 11 women from sector-70 in Mohali, Punjab. Realizing and understanding the need of a holistic growth of underprivileged children, the Society has partnered with The Art of Living and are working with the children of Matour village, focusing on their physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.

The kids study in a charitable evening school run by the Society. Leave aside luxuries, the parents can’t afford the kids their education. Money is an issue, and that too a major one. Keeping this in mind, Monica Chauhan the Gen Secretary of the Society, and Pooja Gosain an Art of Living faculty, started a unique initiative called ‘The Sahyog Project.’

Under The Sahyog Project, the children are trained in making Handmade Crafts, which are then sold to various organizations and clients such as ITC and Ranbaxy. The income generated is then distributed amongst the children. The children are also paid an average of 900rs for working on such projects for 15 days. “The main aim is to promote literacy and educate the weaker section of the society,” explains Monica Chauhan. The children also participate in Art of Living workshops, learning breathing exercises and meditation which relaxes and de-stresses them.

Prerana Sahayata Society has taken this amazing and challenging initiative to work with underprivileged kids, and with the participation and support of The Art of Living, their vision has indeed got a new dimension.

Source: Art Of Living Foundation Website