Remove the reins

You’re caught up in life and moving every moment towards the grave. Yet, you cannot see the reality which is so obvious. Why? This is because four reins pull you backwards. These are  – Sukha (happiness, pleasure), dukha (sorrow), logic and feverishness, The desire for more; wanting more and more. We burn with desire and this burning does not allow you to relax into the peace of your being.

You crave for pleasure and you’re afraid of sorrow. You’re obsessed with feverishness of desire and you’re greedy for some achievement. Relax. Even when you are capable and strong, you must know that there is a power that takes care of you. It is so compassionate, it is with you and will always help you. If we just understand this, the insecurity and fear in the mind goes away. Great relaxation, confidence and trust come. When we were incapable, we were taken care of, and if we become incapable, we will be taken care of. All that is needed in life will just happen.

Have this conviction that there is a universal power that is inside of me, outside of me, and everywhere in the universe. All the diverse creation is because of this power and that power cares for me. There are the only two things that make life more fruitful- how much love have you given? And how much knowledge have you taken? Ultimately, happiness cannot be bought by money. You may earn millions of dollars, but you will have to leave it here. But what you can take with you is knowledge. What gets imprinted in the consciousness is knowledge. Knowledge is not what you read in a book, but it is awareness.

The world is running in search of happiness. The body gets baked, the mind gets baked, the intellect gets deluded but still we keep on getting stuck in the same repetitive cycle. Just turn inwards and you come to know that you are the source of happiness.

Your inner self is the source of all wealth, happiness and joy. One who relaxes in his consciousness experiences the true happiness. Then the mind calms down, and you realise that you are the one in whose search you have restlessly been running after.