Call from the heart

I had not met Guruji for past few months and things had now happened that by hook or by crook, I wanted to meet Him. I wanted to go to Ashram during Ashtavakra, but somehow, I could not manage to go there. Now I had come to Jharkhand just 15 days before and it was coming in my mind, when I will meet Him? For the last one month I had called Guruji from my heart and everyday in Kriya, meditation or otherwise also, I just prayed to Him that I want to meet you Guruji. I cried a lot in this period to meet him.

This is my all time experience that whenever I had remembered him from my heart and wanted to meet him so eagerly, I don’t know how but he was in front of me. Suddenly someone would tell me that Guruji is coming to Delhi (since I am basicaly from New Delhi). Now also, there was no chance or indication of Guruji coming to Jharkhand. But suddenly one day, I got this amazing news that Guruji is coming to Bokaro. I was in Ranchi and it has been just 15 days that I came here. I could not believe on my ears. My Master is coming. I felt so greatful to him that since I could not go to Bangalore to meet him, he is himself coming to meet me. By this incident my belief in him got more stronger, whenver I called him so intensely, he is always there for me.

In Bokaro also, by the grace of my Master, I was staying in the same BOKARO NIWAS where Guruji was staying and the whole night I could not sleep, thinking feeling greatful that me and my Master was staying in same place. The other day, Guruji was to visit CHAS JAIL, Bokaro and to address the inmates there. I was so fortunate again that the jail cordinator of Jharkhand told me to join the satsang group. Although I sing but never in a huge satsang and that too in front of Guruji. But by Guruji’s grace I was in front row (just by the side of Guruji). I don’t know, how I managed to do the satsang and when Guruji came, He saw me and smiled at me. I can’t express that moment in words. He said me everything by his smile. Again, when he was going back from Bokaro, we were meeting him and when he came, I just folded my hands and to my amazement Guruji also folded his hands and greeted me with his eyes and smiled again. I knew what he was saying. For last few months, I was crying to meet him and He told me everything and given his message to me by his eyes and smile. Now I feel every call from the heart is heard.

Ritu Chopra
New Delhi

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