Car in Whirlpool of faith

I’m practicing my DSN follow-up at RTCC, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. I normally drive my 2 wheeler for the early morning follow-up since I can zip thru 9kms in 15mins. On 23rd april, I was woken up by a heavy thunderstorm which was much stronger than the previous night down pour. It was already 5:30am and I wished to reach the RTCC Centre about 9kms away from my Residence. When I looked out of my apartment balcony, I could feel the intensity of rainfall and the water logging around my Building.

Finally, I managed to drive my maruti esteem, a low ground clearance car into the outer ring road. Then I realized that the road was completely jammed with cars, buses and lorries. Waiting for water logged cars and buses to be cleared from the railway underpass near Marthahalli. I managed to Squeeze through the jammed cars and reach the entry point of underpass when I was shocked to find even a BMTC Bus broken down in the water pool. The Car in front of me was an alto and he was also stuck in the Water pool. Now, that I have decided to drive through this Route, I just looked at Guruji’s Portrait in my car’s dashboard and prayed that I’ve to clear this wave pool to reach the centre for the follow-up session. My car was splashed up to the bonnet and side window panes with the waves from other moving heavy trucks and was about to get chocked. I somehow managed to keep myself cool and restart the engine and kept my faith and managed to cross the water logged underpass when so many other tall and sturdier vehicles were chocked and broken down.

In spite of my ailing car’s health, I managed to swim through the whirlpool and reach the center to attend my weekly long kriya. I feel car was not in logged water but in the whirlpool of faith that’s why it could swim through.

Aravind M.
Bangalore India.

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