Meditation is not serious, seriously!

“You’re not serious about this, are you?” The look, tone and expression on Divya’s face conveyed a singular message: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Frustrated at not having a single moment to relax, Divya expected sympathy and understanding – not some outrageous solution about going on an inner journey to the source of peace and joy within.

“I want joy outside, all around me, not somewhere inside!”

Well, if it’s not inside, it’s not going to come outside, is it?

“So how do you get in there? What do you have to do? Sit straight, close your eyes, not move an inch and look serious? Are you sure that is how you find this joy inside?”

We don’t know about the ‘serious’ part, but yes, this is a good place to start.

Who doesn’t need a break, after all? And if that break were to leave you rejuvenated and fresh as a daisy, you would want to keep taking it again and again, isn’t it? Well then, make a start – take a break, meditate!

Meditation is for the young, surprisingly

Time to burst a common meditation myth which goes something like this: meditation is only meant for old people who have a lot of free time at hand and who have “seen-it-all, done-it-all”. The fact is: meditation is a simple and natural practice meant for people of all age groups, starting from as early as eight- or nine-year-olds.

Anu Parekh, the mother of a twelve-year-old, shares ecstatically about how her son’s personality changed after meditation. “My son used to be so restless that it was impossible to take him out anywhere. He would never sit still at one place. Since he has started meditating, he’s become calm and quiet. There are no more complaints from his school either!”

So that settles the ‘age excuse’. And now for the most common complaint of all times – where’s the time? Meditation is just going to take you 20 minutes and you don’t need to always go by fixed timings.

Although it’s a good idea to meditate twice a day, morning and evening, if you can’t – do it at any other time of the day, as convenient. You are sure to find a quiet corner somewhere for a few minutes.

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