Shiv Sutra – Day – 8


  1. Through bitark you can know yourself. Leave all other questions aside and stick to ‘Who am I?’ until you attain self realization.
  2. What happens if you get self realization? Then it is said  you attain that infinite bliss/happiness which no one can snatch away from you.
  3. The bliss you attain from ‘Samadhi’ does not just raise you but also raise living beings near you.
  4. Like the characteristic of Light is to spread up, similarly the characteristic of bliss is to spread up.
  5. If flu or infection can catch you, why can’t bliss which is thousand times more powerful than those negative energies!
  6. It is said that ‘Mahavir Swami’ when would sit for Samadhi; living beings around him in radius of 20 miles would leave violence.
  7. All the people in this world directly or indirectly work for happiness. And the happiness that they are looking for can only be achieved in Samadhi.
  8. And when you receive highest degree of happiness then small happiness around you cannot shake you. Like when Sun rise you don’t care even if candle is lit over there.
  9. It is not necessary that each and every person on this earth should experience ‘Samadhi’, it’s not necessary, even if some people attain; rest will be benefited from it.
  10. ‘What is this?’ is Science and Who am I? is Spirituality.
  11. Next Sutra is  means The body comes into existence when union of two energies (male & female) happens. Here you can’t say Male energy is dominant than Female energy. Both the energies are considered equal, only then it can form body.
  12. And then consciousness enters into body making it lively.
  13. It’s all deep science you can only know when you go deep into ‘Samadhi’.

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