Shiv Sutra – Day – 7


  1. Next sutra is – Intellect is divided into three parts:
    *Tark (logical): is responsible for Science hence when logic changes scientific estimation changes too. For example :- Science has said that usage of pesticides in farms can help destroy pests but then again another logic came up that usage of pesticides can also destroy crop. Thus when logic changes scientific estimation changes too.
    *Kutark (ill-argumentation): will only give rise to ignorance. Here you may win through words but you may not win the actual situation. Kutark is filled of useless arguments.
    *Bitark (illogical): is something which is inexpressible. When you go on asking a question ‘Who am I?’ and when you receive answer but not in words then it is called Bitark. When somebody is snoring that itself describes that person is sleeping. If a person can answer ‘yes he is sleeping’ then he is not sleeping in real. So that which can be understood in silence is bitark.
  2. The logic that doesn’t catch up in words is called bitark.
  3. Bitark is to experience and not to express. Hence it is said you change tark into bitark and not into kutark.