Shiv Sutra – Day – 6


You are part of Nature as well as Nature is part of you. The whole Nature is our body. The vegetables which we see today will become our body tomorrow and thus mind. So Nature is also our body. Do not differentiate between Nature and Body. They are one. Next Sutra is  means we should embrace our mind into our heart. Then you will see the world as yours. You can witness the world in two ways 1) from mind 2) from heart. When you witness world from mind you see things as object but when you see it from heart; respect for that object comes from within and world becomes lively to you.

Often in Army, Soldiers are instructed to see enemy as object, so that they can attack easily. If they will see them as human then they will become emotional.

Now what is benefit of seeing world through your heart? Then it is said  . The purest Consciousness in you dawns. Violence only happens where there is no sense of belongingness. But when you see everything from heart then you see God residing in them too.

Especially in India we call Nature as ‘Mother Nature”. Even we see Himalayan Mountains and Ocean as ‘Himalaya Raja & Samudra Raja’

Next Sutra is . When we see everything as part of us then we become free from beastly nature. Those animal elements don’t override us. A consciousness which is purest of all dawns in us. The consciousness which is purest of all also dominates. Thus you would have noticed small kids at home do dominate because they are purest of all.