Shiv Sutra – Day – 5


  1. We usually think that ‘When all my desires will get fulfill, I will be Happy’. But this is not true. Those whose desires get fulfilled go more into depression. Thus we see rich are more depressed than poor.
  2. People whose desire doesn’t get fulfilled don’t go more into depression because they keep themselves engaging into some work.
  3. Thus in developed countries like Europe out of 10 children, 3 children consult Psychologist.
  4. – When you become aware of the fact that ‘Even if all your desire will get fulfilled you won’t attain that endless happiness’ then you bloom up into endless joy. Because desire keeps arising continuously. If you fulfill one desire another will pop-up immediately.
  5. Next Sutra is . This has two meanings:#When you see mountain, then mountain becomes scenery for you and you become the one who is observing. But again we feel that our body who is watching ‘Drishya’ is ‘Drishta, is it true ? No. It is the mind who is watching mountain and not even body. Suppose your mind is somewhere else do you hear what other person is saying ? No.  Thus Mind becomes ‘Drishta’ and not body. That’s why in Yoga Nidra we take our attention to each and every part of body seeing our body as ‘Drishya’ and our mind as ‘Drishta’. This is first step to dive within. To become .

    **Sorrow comes when you become one with ‘Drishya’. That’s why many a times fans who are watching movie become one with scenes so much that they throw eggs and tomatoes if hero doesn’t win in fight with villain.
    **The life should be a perfect combination of  emotions and intelligence. The person who are more emotional will never think and person who is more intelligent will not have a drop of emotionality in them. Both are incomplete
    **If you want to become happy . See your body as Drishya.
    **Have you noticed if you look into past and observe all those thoughts that occurred in you before 10 years you will feel that most of them are garbage and useless to you now. And you will thank god for it didn’t happen. The thoughts in you keep floating. It has no meaning at all.

    #Another reason is you consider even ‘Drishya’ as your own body. Suppose if air in environment gets polluted, will you be able to breathe? So we should consider Nature as part of our own body. You should respect to Nature as much as you respect your body. Universe has beautiful meaning ‘Shwa’ means ‘That moment which passed’ and ‘Vi’ means ‘Not’. So the moment which has not passed away which is still lively and which is THE PRESENT is called Universe.