A-Z Reasons to do Yoga


Yoga makes me focused and energetic. The more flexible my body is, the suppler is my mind. This makes me more open to change, with an ability to adapt to situations. – Resha Desai Patel, Manager.


Yoga gives me the strength to strike a balance between the extremes of joy and sorrow, excitement and disappointment, attachment and apathy. – Deepti Sachdev, Teacher


Yoga gives me the confidence that my body is healthy. – Mukta Behere, Writer

D-(New) Dimensions

Yoga opens up new dimensions in life. – Pallavi Joshi, Content Manager


Sometimes when life feels dry, yoga brings back the enthusiasm and keeps me happy. – Nikita Vasa, Social Media Marketing ethusiast.


First thing in the morning, yoga gives me the freshness of an energy drink to carry through the whole day. The effect is instant, I feel extremely active. – Pritika Nair, Writer


Ever since I started practicing yoga regularly, my friends now compliment me that my skin has started glowing. – Alok Anand, Software Programmer


Stress through the day creates disharmony in our body-mind complex. Yoga in the evening brings back the harmony. –Varun Uniyal, Business Analyst

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