Meditation: The Taste of True Freedom

It is the thirst of every human being to be free. Freedom is not luxury, it is a necessity. But when the mind gets caught up in a never-ending list of day-to-day activities, it seems like the search is forgotten. But Meditation allows you to come back to your true nature.

The quality of a saint is that they are established in their true nature. However, even they were beginners at some point in time. Their journey of self-discovery is a guiding light for other seekers. The following verses beautifully express how meditation helped these saints discover the real taste of true freedom.

#1 Meditation is being very natural, being at home; at home with yourself and at home with everything else in the universe – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Is it enough money, and a healthy body?
Is it freedom of speech, or a democracy?
Seeing people who have these, do they really feel free?

To be able to love unconditionally,
To be able to smile, whatever the challenge may be,
To be able to feel at home with whoever you see,
That I think is what true freedom really could be!

And it’s this that meditation can give you and me…

– Swami Purnachaitanya

#2 You are the one witness of everything, and are always totally free  – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

True freedom is just a happening
Where in, present moment is accepted and you see yourself witnessing
Without any resistance and letting go
All you do is sit with your eyes closed
Meditate, oh my dear one, to experience the joy of going deep within

(Based on thoughts by Swami Harish)

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