Knowing the Meditator in Sharmila Tagore

Re-energize yourself in 10 minutes, she says

An Indian actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Sharmila Tagore is a name that created a wave in the Indian film industry from the 60s to the 80s and still continues to do so. In a brief chat with Divya Sachdev, she shares how meditation adds value to people’s lives.

Q- What are your views about meditation?
Sharmila Tagore: 
I think it is absolutely essential today. It should be a part of our school curriculum and parental upbringing. To me meditation means calming down; it’s like being in touch with yourself amidst our daily buzz of coping with traffic hassles, work stress etc. It is the best way to stay healthy and balanced. For one’s own sanity, a little bit of meditation in the day is a must-do.

Q-Since you belong to the film industry, how do you think meditation can help the pressure-stricken film fraternity?
Sharmila Tagore: 
Every profession has some sort of pressure, the film industry is not unique in that respect. A labourer’s life has pressure, a doctor has pressure. Look at writers: they too have so much pressure. Today, pressure is universal. But in our particular field, meditation not only helps to calm down but it also helps to concentrate. It helps in memorizing lines and being relaxed in front of the camera. If your face is relaxed, you definitely look good. When you are sitting down calmly looking at a nice flower, thinking nice and happy things, it immediately makes you feel better, instead of running all the time.

Q- So it actually adds value to people from all walks of life?
Sharmila Tagore:
 Most certainly. Meditation adds value and keeps them healthy and happy, because anything you decide and do in a calm frame of mind will be a better decision, than doing it in a hurried and agitated fashion.

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