Shiv Sutra – Day – 3


  1. Knowledge is like soap, if you will keep it as it is after applying it. It will indeed create more dirt. It needs to be washed away.
  2. Krishna says in Gita that there is no supreme thing other than knowledge which will purify you.
  3. Illusion of “I have too much of knowledge within me” is itself a dirt.
  4. The characteristic of light is to spread up similarly the characteristic of  joyfulness in us is to spread up.
  5. A child when plays spreads joyfulness around him. It just attracts to anyone around him.
  6. Next sutra is  :The one who takes all his attention towards the energy plexus in the body becomes free from worldly worries.
  7. What is that bothers us? It is the feverishness in us that bothers us. The want of something more bothers us.
  8. It is surprising that we live with our body throughout our life but we never take attention to our own body.
  9. This body is wonderful. It is like Mega city. Crores of bacteria lives in our body. Some are friendly while some are unfriendly. Intestine alone has nearly 50,000 bacteria in it. There are 72,000 veins or highways running in our body. It’s all beautiful to observe it.
  10. The soul is also called Purush. The one who lives in Town. There is no gender discrimination over here.
  11. There are many energy plexus in our body out of those 7 are main.
    #Muladhar Chakra (Bottom of Spine) – At this Chakra either Consciousness dawns or Inertia dawns.
    #Swadisthan Chakra (Genital region) – At this Chakra energy is either in the form of Sex or Creativity.
    #Nabhi Chakra (Navel region) – At this Chakra energy is expressed in four forms Jealousy – Generosity. Contentment and Greed.
    #Hriday Chakra (Beside Heart) – At this Chakra energy is expressed in three forms Animosity – Love and Fear.
    #Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra) – At this Chakra energy is expressed in two forms Gratefulness and Sadness.
    #Agya Chakra (Between Two Eyes) – At this Chakra energy is expressed in two forms Awareness and Anger.
    #Sahasrara Chakra (Top of Head) – At this Chakra energy is expressed only in the form of Happiness and Celebration.
  12. When you observe this journey from bottom to top then you come back to source from outer world where there is only happiness and celebration.
  13. All these sutras though they are small but are very important. If you even pick up any one sutra and understand it. It’s enough to move ahead.
  14. That Innocence will dawn in you thereafter. Thus Lord Shiva is called Bholenath. The Lord of Innocence.