Shiv Sutra – Day – 2


  1. The amount of inertia in Child is very less than the one who is Scholar. A Scholar is more inert than Child and the reason is we are slowly-slowly moving from an experience to information.
  2. A child smiles approx 400 times a day, whereas an adult smiles only 70 times a day and a aged person doesn’t smile at all.
  3. Celebration – Love – Happiness and Creativity are the signs of Consciousness.
  4. And the one who is stubborn (or inert) lacks Consciousness.
  5. Thus it is said It is the knowledge that makes you free and it is the same knowledge that binds you.
  6. If you say “I know everything” then you have not known anything. You are not free then. You are bound by knowledge.
  7. The Inertia dawns when you say “I know everything” and you become like Stone (not ready to accept anything) and Consciousness dawns when you are “ready to gain knowledge” because you remain more aware at that time.
  8. That’s why we should just smile when someone ask “Have u seen God?”. Because you cannot see god. The Shakti with which you are trying to see God is itself God.
  9. Next Sutra is . When you are not proud of the knowledge that you know; Consciousness awakens. That knowledge makes you free.
  10. Next Sutra is . Wake up and see. All the bodies that took birth from different cunt are all made up of one Consciousness. Its all ONE.
  11. If you want to understand that “Our Consciousness is different from this Inert body” then first of all you will have to understand what body is. Thus in Yoga Nidra we take our attention to each and every part of body and thus we come to know that mind and body are not the same.
  12. The making of our body is nothing but the Art born out of five senses. With just one drop of sperm and egg the whole body is formed and it is nothing but an art of five senses.
  13. A Stone cannot give respect to anyone similarly an Inert person cannot show respect to anyone. Only a person in whom consciousness is awaken can be humble. And when we become humble to everyone for which all belongs to us we become free.
  14. Knowing this we become free from the bondage of knowledge.