Give your hair the royal treatment

Basically, whatever you do for your skin in terms of diet and routine is going to benefit your hair. To take care of your hair, you must also take care of your bones, because hair and nails are the by-products of the transformation from bone to bone marrow tissue. If your bone tissue is healthy and sufficient in quantity and quality, then your hair’s quality and quantity will reflect that.

To nourish your bones, hair, and nails, be sure to eat lots of calcium-rich foods such as leafy green vegetables, milk products and sesame seeds. Calcium support contains excellent sources of vegetarian calcium, such as Pearl Bhasma and Conch Shell Bhasma. More importantly, it contains herbs to help your body to absorb calcium from food and other supplements. Herbal Absorb Multi-Mineral also enhances absorption of needed trace minerals, which if missing, can cause the hair to become dull and thin.