How to meditate in noisy places

Sounds of Silence!

‘I wish I knew how to meditate amidst noise,’ said Nancy as she searched for a quite little corner to meditate in her house of 2 of her younger siblings playing and screaming on the top of their voice along with their pet Deo. ‘How do I find just a few quite moments during the day to meditate?’

It is obviously ideal to meditate in a quiet place, for instance early morning when everyone is asleep, but our perfect quiet world might not always exist. Let’s look at some tips that can help you meditate in even in noise. For those who meditate regularly, these meditation tips can help you have a better experience.

Dealing with the Noise Outside

It is very important to become aware of the noise in the surroundings. Once you are aware, gradually take your attention towards the noisy environment and observe each sound. This brings your mind in the present moment and makes it easier to accept the noise (acceptance can only happen in the present moment). Once you accept, your mind settles down and there comes a point when you transcend these noises, and they stop bothering you.

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