Mind behind Cricket: Take your Game to the Next Level

Cricket is more than just the bat and field. There is a strong spirit that says, ‘WE WILL WIN THE TROPHY AT THE END OF IT.’ There is a burning desire to make a strong ‘comeback’ in future matches. It is a game that requires constant awareness, focus, the skill in strategy planning, intuitive ability, stamina and the list continues. Clearly, the quality of the mind holding the bat decides if it’s a six or not. The mind behind the ball is driving it towards the stumps. The mind behind the team moves 11 men in co-ordinated precision on a multi-acre ground.

What is the technique to bring mastery over this mind? What is it that can give you the mental edge in a game of skill? A 20 minutes meditation routine is the irrefutable solution.

“The best mix you can have is a mix of spiritual practices along with your profession. This helps you to hone your professional skills and help you achieve what you want,” shares Dinesh Karthik, Indian Cricketer.

Switch off- switch on technique

One of the very important things that players need is to actively participate in their own recovery and relaxation, allowing them to develop a calm mind. This brings their mind and body in harmony to act in synchronization.
Meditation acts like the famous switch off- switch on technique that players often use to calm themselves. Meditation is like switching off your mind for a few minutes to go deep and relax yourself. This helps you switch on your mind and focus better while on the field. As a batsman, meditation gives you the focus to time your strokes by judging the speed of the ball before hitting it. “Meditation makes me so peaceful and fresh that I can easily judge the timing of ball I hit and take runs accordingly ensuring that I do not get a run out,” shares 20 year old Sapna Sharma, Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association.
At the other end, focus is required on the field – from saving the ball going to the boundary or to catch with soft hands. Meditation keeps you centred at all times. It helps you to be aware and stay alert of the movement of the other players.

Trigger the boost: maintain your OPS (Optimal Performance State)

A typical game of cricket could normally last for 7-8 hours. Meditation is like an energy booster that can keep you energised for longer durations. Regular meditation can also help you build your stamina over time. It is important for a bowler to give good deliveries and fruit salads. As a batsman, you need high stamina to hit the ball with force; to run fast to make runs and save yourself from getting run out.

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