Meditation is an Art

Everyone has ten fingers. It is just a matter of learning how to use these ten fingers to create something so melodious. In the same way, we all have a mind, we all think, so we all can meditate. It is just a little skill to see how we can calm the mind and get in touch with the depth of energy, getting in touch with the source of energy that we are. The mind becomes calm and serene, it gets access to this enormous intelligence and energy that we possess within us. So it is a way to take that deep rest, at the same time being alert and conscious. It is just that skill to see how, just that skill to take deep rest, yet being alert and conscious.

Often people say – it is so difficult to focus the mind, so difficult to free it from thoughts and so difficult to relax! We should just do it – the art of meditation, learning meditation, 3-4 days – simple steps – you get the most profound experience in life. You don’t have to go to the Himalayas, you don’t have to become a recluse, change your lifestyle, and do a lot of penance to attain meditation!

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