Take a break, meditate!

‘Give me a break!’ screams the mind as we rush towards finishing a list of to-dos: work meetings, home responsibilities, ‘me’ time! There is constant roller coaster of emotions: joy, frustration and stress. Before you know it, there is the next set of responsibilities to look after. Break away from this cycle, apply a momentary brake to these thoughts and activities! Take a break (in every possible sense) and meditate!

#1 Breakfast – The first meal that kick starts your day and the more wholesome the better, isn’t it? Make it complete by adding a few minutes of meditation to your menu! Some moments of deep inner silence before breakfast makes for a happy and healthy start to your day – you will feel high on energy, stay cheerful and relaxed as the day progresses. Besides, you are sure to enjoy your breakfast much more!

#2 Take a break – Tired of working through the day?

Put your mind and body to rest for a few minutes. After an exhausting meeting or achieving a tight deadline, sit alone with yourself in silence and get back to work, feeling refreshed as though you just woke up from a deep nap!

#3 Break away – From monotony into something that is fresh and new. Every experience in meditation is fresh and new, never the same – just like sunsets and sunrises are never the same – and always beautiful.

#4 Apply a brake – To the endless chain of thoughts that can sap your energy and relax in that silent space with meditation. It is a good way to get away from the noise (both outside and in your mind) and find solace in your Self.

#5 Break habits – Smoking, alcohol, addiction to online social networking, procrastination, gossiping, or any other such habits you want to come out of. The bliss of a few minutes of meditation is much more pleasurable than the temporary joy from these sources. You gradually realize that the source of ‘getting high’ is within.

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