Yoga Tips for Pregnant Women : Preparing for a healthy and safe delivery

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences gifted to a woman. Yet this nine-month journey brings with it a variety of changes and emotions to juggle with. Yoga can help you cope with this journey, making it smooth and enjoyable!

As is evident in the case of Meghana Bragta, yoga enthusiast and first-time mother, as a would-be-mother she was better able to accept the changes during the nine months. She shares, “Sahaj Samadhi meditation helped me a lot, especially in the last trimester. It helped me accept my body and all the changes happening. Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing) helped me relax and handle anxiety. I would practice Butterfly Pose and in the latter half of the pregnancy, when my feet would swell due to water retention, I practiced some yoga postures lying on my back.”

Like Meghana, you can use yoga and meditation as effective guides for your journey. Here are a few quick tips on how you can include yoga in your other ‘must-dos’. However, it is best to practice yoga postures under a trained yoga instructor and keep your doctor informed about your yoga pose practice.

1) Yoga postures can help ensure easier delivery. In the first trimester, opt for standing yoga postures as they help strengthen the leg muscles, improve circulation, increase energy and can also help reduce leg cramps.

2) Note from Sri Sri Yoga experts: Do not practice yoga poses that put pressure on the abdomen and difficult yoga postures during the advanced stages of pregnancy. Do not overstretch the abdomen; the emphasis of your twisting poses should be on the shoulders and the upper back and not on the abdomen. Avoid doing inversions. It is also not advised to practice yoga postures from the tenth through the fourteenth week of pregnancy.

3) Relax with breathing techniques. The second and third trimester is the time to relax so draw energy from breathing techniques such as Ujjayi pranayama (Victory Breath), Nadi Shodhan, and Bhramri (Bee Breath). They will help you deal with emotional changes and relax the mind completely.

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