Collection of Knowledge Sheets

Go Beyond the Rational Mind

We Usually Do Only That Which Is Purposeful, Useful, And Rational. Everything you See, you See through the rational mind. But an intuition, a discovery, new knowledge goes beyond the rational mind. Truth is beyond the rational mind. The rational mind is like a railroad track that is fixed in grooves. A plane has no tracks. It can fly anywhere. A balloon can float anywhere.

Some people step out of the rational mind in order to rebel against society. They want to break social law but for the ego’s sake. They do it out of anger, hatred, rebelliousness, and wanting attention. This is not stepping out of the rational mind (though they think it is). We step out of the rational mind when we do something that has no purpose. Accepting that, as an act, makes it a game. Life becomes lighter. If you are stuck with only rational acts, life becomes a burden. Suppose you play a game without a thought to winning or losing, just act irrationally. Making an act without any purpose attached to it – it is freedom – like a dance.
So just step out of the rational mind and you will find a greater freedom, an unfathomable depth, and you willl come face to face with reality. Reality transcends logic and the rational mind. Until you transcend the rational mind you will not get access to creativity and the infinite. But if you do an irrational act in order to find freedom, then it already has a purpose and a meaning. It is no longer irrational. This knowledge sheet has already spoiled its own possibility. Break the barrier of the rational mind and then find freedom for yourself.

Give Up & Relax

Buddha Purnima, the day Buddha was born. He got Enlightened, he attained Nirvana and he died also on the same day. There is a little Buddha in everybody, and that Buddha is in the form of Siddhartha. Before Buddha became Buddha he was Siddhartha. He was wandering, lost. He had tried everything but he couldn’t find; but he had that spirit of enquiry.He said, ‘The world is all sorrow and I want to get rid of sorrow.’ Siddhartha understood everything is sorrow, but he did not know the way. So everybody has a little Buddha inside of them, only he has to wake up.

Buddha tried this and that and that and this. He ran from pillar to post, he did technique after technique after technique, but nothing worked. Because while doing all this, his mind was outward, and when he got sick and tired of everything and dropped everything, that moment he got enlightened. This is the story as it goes. So, when he got tired of trying hard and trying hard and trying hard, then he said, ‘Okay, let me just relax. I give up.’ So he gave up and sat, and the mind turned inward and then he became Buddha. Soturn the mind inward.
Unfortunately Buddha never got a Guru. He couldn’t get a Guru at that time. But Adi Shankaracharaya had a Guru. So he met the Guru and the path became much easier, smoother. He could just sit and go into Samadhi. But for Buddha to go into Samadhi and meditation was not possible. It was hard for him. So he fasted. Somebody told him to fast and he fasted, because he was a King from the royal family and he did not know about surrender, or about devotion, or about letting go. Doing, doing and doing, that is what he heard, and what he knew as he was trained. So the big ego, and that big doing, made him run around for several years. Finally he gave up and then he got enlightened; that is how the story goes.
So that little mind inside of you doesn’t want to let go and to just give up, it goes on the trip of I want to do, and I want to do, and I want to do. I will achieve this and I will achieve that.When you see, what is there to achieve? Then everything drops, you surrender, you let go and meditation happens. You know, it is like getting onto an Ayurvedic massage table. You just get onto the table and that is it, you don’t do anything. Everything is done for you; so even meditation will be done for you. You just sit and meditation will happen.

Never get Dissapointed

Life goes on. Just turn back and see, if you would have not solved any of the problems then how are you existing? My dear, you should just look back and see factually, ask someone else to evaluate. In the last 10 years, you had only problems? Okay, if you have had problems, haven’t you solved even a single problem in the last 10 to 15 years? Then there is no need to solve problems because anyways the problems that came have all gone, and you are still alive, and you are still doing sadhana. That is great thing. That means the problems could not do anything to you. They came and they left, you didn’t even have to find a solution to them. Do you see what I’m saying? Don’t generalize it again or don’t label it, ‘My life is a failure, I am always having problems.’ Always having problems? Not possible!

Look at those who have greater problems, look at the problems I have. Do you know how many questions I have to answer per day? Somebody said, ‘Guruji, if you had charged even $10 per question you could have become bigger than Bill Gates.’ I would not disagree with that person, perhaps yes.
Do you know how many emails I get? 101,000 emails.Last month I traveled to so many countries; 12 countries and 18 cities in 1 month. 19 hours a day I am busy. I just arrive from a long trip, immediately there will be 100 questions I will have to answer.
Accept people as they are, and there are many, bipolar, schizophrenic, and all those other types of specimens as well. Have you ever seen me getting annoyed at any one of them, ever? Just imagine, in this situation to remain sane is a big problem. I heard psychiatrists in their profession end up as patients after a while, because they keep listening to the problem of people.
Michael Fischman was once conducting a course for doctors and their patients and he said, ‘Guruji, you know it was very difficult to say who the doctor is and who the patient is.’ The group was such. I don’t know how far this is true, but I have heard from several people that often people who are doctors in this field they end up as patients.
There was a survey recently done in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), they said that 78% of doctors are sick, they become patients themselves. This is a survey report, astonishing, isn’t it? So, look at those who have more problems than you and you will find your problem is nothing. The world is all problems. Who does not have problems? Jesus had big problems here. The whole Catholicism movement sprung from the problems of Jesus, not by his teachings. It is all focused on suffering, isn’t it? Teaching is there of course, but suffering is the main thing. Nativity is not the symbol of Christianity, it is the cross; crucifixion.
Same with Krishna, he also had so many problems till the end. Finally he had to give up. He said to all his very dear ones, ‘You all go up North. This city of mine is going to drown.’ His own clans were fighting with each other and became so arrogant. Krishna’s clan, all his soldiers and all the subjects of his kingdom, they were all so arrogant because they thought they owned Lord Krishna, he is an enlightened being. ‘The lord himself is ours and we are from his family. Who can do anything to us?’ They went with such arrogance and they fought with each other, destroyed everybody and got destroyed. That is why I say don’t look for any perfection here, this world is imperfect. Whatever perfection you can bring in the world, bring it, and then wash your hands and enjoy yourself. Definitely do whatever you can. That doesn’t mean you leave some things imperfect, no! You are here to bring whatever perfection level you can, and that much merit you gain. As much as you walk, that many skills will blossom in your own life and that much happier you will be. So if you don’t do anything you will be unhappy. So do things which you are supposed to do and you become free.


Keeping silence is very useful. At least twice a year we must do this. Once a year is a must and twice a year is very good. Silence purifies our speech. Often when we speak what happens, have you observed? You must observe. When you speak what impact your speech is making on others – we must observe that. Many times, we do not bother to notice this, we go on blabbering. We just want to say all that we want to say and become free. No, you must see what impact your speech has on others.

There is a beautiful couplet in the Bhagavad Gita which says, ‘Anudvega-karam vakyam satyam priya-hitam ca yat. ’ The words that do not rattle the minds of people and which is truth. Truth which is benevolent and which is pleasant, those type of words are to be spoken. That is called the penance of speech. Similarly for the body, moderate food, moderate exercise, moderate work and moderate rest. This is an exercise, a tapas (penance) for the body. And tapas for speech is to speak only those words that do not rattle the mind of others. See, sometimes we think we are right and we may be right; it may be the truth what you are speaking, it may be benevolent, it may be good for the other person as well, but if it is not pleasant and it is rattling the other persons mind then it is not complete. So this is a big skill and it is not an easy thing to do – Not to rattle anyone’s mind or give them pain.
You know, you say some word to somebody and that person is crying the whole day, or is upset, that is no good. So speak words that are pleasant, true and benevolent, at the same time, don’t speak lies which are very pleasant. We need to speak that which is truth, benevolent, pleasant and non-rattling. Don’t crush the minds and hearts of others with your unpleasant words.
Now, how do we do this? You may say, ‘I don’t intend to hurt anybody but hurtful words just fly out of my mouth. What do I do?’ Silence, this will help. You keep silence. Meditation and silence, all this would help. Sometimes, in spite of all that, if it comes, if it happens then you can’t do anything about it, then just ask for forgiveness. So it is good, when you are getting into silence ask for forgiveness. By my thought, word or deed if I have done anything or caused any hurt to someone, may I be forgiven. That completely uplifts us from being bogged down.
See, in life you cannot just think everything will be rosy; in life there are thorns as well. There are unpleasant moments as well and they all come and they go. We have to simply move on without getting stuck anywhere.Taken From: