Feeling Pain? Balance Your Body with Yoga

Are you leaning forward as you read this? Do you tend to put the right foot over the left when you sit?

That nagging pain in the neck or back could result from something as simple as using one side of your body more. Yoga helps identify and correct the imbalance that results from using a side more.

“Not making enough use of certain parts of the body causes imbalance and misalignment. The correct practice of yoga, combined with right lifestyle, can restore the balance on all levels of your being. The purpose of Sri Sri Yoga is to restore the balance in your body, mind and spirit, making you feel fresh and new,” shares Kamlesh Barwal, Sri Sri Yoga teacher.

Balancing the body with Yoga

Would you drive a car that had more air in the tires on the right are less on the left? Definitely not as it reduces the efficiency of the car and increases wear and tear. Yet surprisingly, we do this to our body everyday by exerting unequal pressure on both halves of our bodies. The imbalances in the body are not limited to the right and left halves, but also the front and back of the body.

When we favor one side of the body and continue to utilize one side more than the other, blood circulation and muscles accordingly re-adjust to support the way the body behaves. This causes body aches and pains that one normally experiences in daily life. Regular practice of yoga can bring back the balance.

How can yoga asanas restore balance?

When you do yoga asanas with awareness, you will notice that the body tends to adjust itself to balance both sides. The side on which you bend more tends to strengthen the opposite side. That’s how regular yoga practice brings back the balance. When the body is balanced, muscle and muscle activities are also balanced. Something as simple as giving equal importance to both sides of the body, can improve the workings of the internal organs.

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