Meditation: A Budget Free Retreat

I wish everdyday was a Sunday; I am so stuck with work… I wish I could take a holiday; WHo really has the time to take a holiday with so much work… you must be kidding! Do you know how much a 3-4 day holiday to a hill station would cost you…I have been saving money for the past few months but not been able to go… I wish an angel with wings would come down on earth and take us on a cost-free holiday retreat…

Is this not the usual, oft-repeated conversation you tend to have with yourself or your friends? Well, the good news is that a cost-free holiday retreat is definitely possible and you could be your own angel gifting yourself one.

You can go on a mini-holiday every day of your life; all you have to do is sit with your eyes closed for 20 minutes to meditate and you will be ready for the journey inside!

Be your own travel agent, win the best deal

Meditating is like going on a journey inside. This is the best deal that you can have, that no other travel agency can give you. This deal is cost-free and includes a daily package that allows you to go on a holiday; benefits such as peace of mind, a calm and happy you, efficiency at work, and the skill to manage time are complimentary.

Shares Aditi Vashishth, “A stressful day and I know I can relax with Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and come out all fresh and rejuvenated. This is the best deal for a holiday I can give myself. A holiday everyday!”

Go on a different vacation every day

To have different experiences, you have to choose a different place every time you go on a vacation. Each meditation of yours will give you a different experience. It is like going on a new vacation every day without having to put in the effort of planning a holiday. All you have to do is sit with your eyes closed for 20 minutes and experience the beauty of this journey. “Earlier I used to go on different hill stations to look for a new experience. But now, daily meditation opens me to a new experience just sitting at home,” shares Deepti Sachdev.

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