Live life to the fullest with meditation

It was Friday evening. Priyanka and I decided to try out a new Thai restaurant adjacent to our workplace for dinner. We entered the grand building and gradually settled into the plush ambience. The setting and the welcome was quite spectacular. We opened ourselves up to the ultimate gastronomic experience but when the food arrived, we decided that a four-year-old could cook better. I started complaining and just went on and on. But, to my surprise, Priyanka (who didn’t look very happy with the food either) continued eating! She kept talking about how her day was, how beautiful the restaurant looks and that she was so happy to catch up with me after so long.

She knew that the food was not great but she was still open to trying out something ‘new’ and actually enjoyed the whole experience. She was all focused on the up-side of things – a rather ideal state to be in. I was going to ask her just how she manages this…and I knew the answer before my thought became word. Of course, she meditates. She does that senior-people-thing every single day of her life. She claims it keeps her mind ‘young’.

We live in a world where lifestyle matters – the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the way we like to spend our leisure time. But, to be able to enjoy all these comforts, we need a mind which is open, happy and at rest. We might have the most spacious king-size bed with an extra-comfy mattress and simply get no sleep. We may buy tickets for the most-talked-about romantic comedy in town and sit in the hall thinking about some nasty comment from our boss instead. Our mind seems to have a mind of its own! It doesn’t really stick to where we want it to be. So, what do we do?

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