Meditators’ speak: 7 Songs of Innocence

“When the mind transcends the senses, it comes back to its true nature which is innocence – in no sense.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Beauty is best expressed in the song of the heart. The following verses capture these magical reflections of a few people-of-the- grown-up-world for whom meditation has been the return to innocence.

When we think child, ‘innocence’ naturally comes to our mind. In the journey of growing up, this innocence somehow hides itself in some silent corner of our existence. However, just the memory of this innocence brings with it unbounded joy, a contagious smile and an overwhelming feeling of pleasantness.

The truth is: it is possible to be in that beautiful space of innocence even now as adults. Meditation leads us by the hand on this journey, from an ignorant childish innocence to a wisdom-filled, child-like innocence.

#1 “In the present moment, we are all innocent. Wake up.”– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Understanding what childhood meant
Happy and playful,worries zero percent
To that innocent past, I wanted to go back
Where we had fights and tears, yet jokes to crack
Yet I found myself in the present, I meditated and found that I am innocent.

(Based on thoughts shared by Sylaja Kannan)

#2 “If you look at a child, there is unconditional love in his eyes. Every baby has this quality but minus wisdom. When you grow old, keep the quality of innocence in you and have the depth of wisdom along with it.”– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Innocence is in a child’s eyes
A mind free, rejoicing, and in the moment lies
It’s a chance to be your self
In the core of your being, you dwell
Meditate, my dear, be calm and be wise.

(Based on thoughts shared by Divya Sachdev)

#3 “Innocence is naturally present in everyone. You just need to blossom it. And how do you do that? Just be in meditation.”– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I seek freedom from all boundaries, boundaries made by me
I seek to return to innocence, to simply be just me
Every situation is the same
It’s all part of life’s game
I seek to be thrilled every moment, I seek to meditate and just be.

(Based on thoughts shared by Radhika De)

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