Exam fear is OUT, Cool Confidence is IN!

“Studies? Oh they are simple!”

“I’m not scared of exams anymore!”

“Who needs revision? I’ve read it once and I’m done!”

No, you are not dreaming. Neither is this student crazy nor are these ideas far-fetched. This has happened to several kids like you and you could be the next one too. Magic? Yes, the magic of meditation makes it possible, brings a U–turn in the life of an average student.

#1: Boost your concentration

In my last year of engineering, I felt very pressurized to perform as all my friends were getting interview calls from companies. I observed that one of my juniors, who was an average student and who had recently done a meditation course, was easily able to solve an engineering design problem of a level higher than hers. This tempted me to try meditation myself. My concentration improved. I used to be extremely nervous during viva exams, now I could answer confidently with a smile. – Sylaja Kannan

Do you remember moments when your mind takes a little walk while your open text books are desperately vying for your attention? Or you’re busy planning a movie or a sleepover, when your exams haven’t started yet?

If you find it hard to put your mind to lessons, a few minutes of daily meditation can help. Meditation helps bring the mind (which loves making trips to the past or the future) back to the present moment). As a result, you are able to focus on your studies better.

#2: Fewer revisions needed

In the first six months of meditation, the number of revisions reduced from three times to once. After one year of meditation, no revisions were needed at all! I feel so confident to apper for exams now. – Sakshi Babar

When your concentration greatly improves, you are able to grasp things faster. With daily meditation, your memory sharpens and you might need lesser number of revisions than before or sometimes no revision at all! Many student-meditators share that the first read is enough to retain the main points. So the next time the teacher asks what you learnt yesterday, yours is the first hand to go up!

#3: Confidence takes a leap

Meditation has given me a sense of satisfaction. I know that I give in my 100 percent in the exams and I’m not bothered about results anymore. I’m satisfied with my performance. – Vikas Kumar

Do you feel nervous at the thought of sharing your ideas in class? How many times did you know the answer but hesitated from raising your hand?

If you’re already saying yes, yes – then make meditation your best friend and experience better self-confidence.

#4: Bring out hidden talents

I was never interested in studies but meditation helped me develop other skills. I gained confidence and started participating in college activities. I also developed the skill to be in the company of all kinds of people and yet maintain my dignity. The best was how after an exhausting day, I would come back, meditate and feel as though I’ve slept for three-four hours and get back to my studies. – Jasraj Suthar

Meditation works at a very subtle level nurturing hidden talents in you. With regular practice, you will see your creative side opening up bringing a greater interest and performance in extra-curricular activities as well.

#5: No fear of exams

My friends and I study together for exams. In fact, I always spend so much time having fun, keep troubling them and even study less than them but I always end up getting better results than them. I’m no longer tense when I watch my friends studying keenly. I don’t compare myself with them now. I don’t even feel exams as exams anymore! – Priyanka Lal

Meditation reduces exam fear and anxiety. It arouses a realization within that life is much more than just exams and results. They are not the end of the world. So what if you are just an average student or fail to fare well in exams? You can be excellent in some other activity and meditation helps you explore and develop that unique potential in you.

#5: Better results

I had a problem grasping things. I would mug up something and then forget it the next moment. With meditation, my memory sharpened like anything, I was now able to study more in less time and the exam results just shot up. There was a huge leap! – Hitanshi Sachdev

Last, but definitely the most important: with meditation, exam results can get better or in some cases, even shoot up significantly. You might be surprised yourself! With effortless improvement in memory and concentration, peaceful and confident state of mind, who fears exams?

Taken From: www.artofliving.org/meditation/meditation-for-you/academic-excellence