Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s words of wisdom for kids

Meditation is the key that would help in tackling various challenges that come our way –that’s the message that a recently-organised session by the Art of Living Foundation titled ‘colours of joy’ sought to deliver to around 1,200 children from around the country.

From dealing with peer pressures to handling anxieties, aspirations, expectations of parents, handling success and failure, Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advised the children to ride on life like a bicycle — balancing studies, career, relationship and their dreams.

The session, which was held early last week at the AOL centre in Bengaluru, saw kids in the age group of 8 to13 learn the art of meditation.

Says 13-year-old Ananya from Gurgaon, Haryana: “Today we have so much freedom with the internet and television. We have the power to type whatever we want. If we have control over our mind it can benefit us and that control can only come from meditation.”
Through interactive processes and fun-filled activities, the four-day summer retreat focussed on the all-round growth of the child, helping them to overcome inhibitions, fears, achieve good health, enhance confidence and creativity.

The children also had a lively interaction with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The questions raised by the youth brigade to the spiritual leader included profound “how did life begin” and “what is the purpose of my life”.

While the gen-next marvelled at the relief that a few sessions of meditation was bringing about, some young achievers shared how closing their eyes for a few minutes a day had made them achieve excellence in their fields.

While 14-year-old Siddharth from Mumbai could win the National Olympiad Science championship, Aditi from Kolhapur attributed her gold medal in swimming to the power of meditation.

With an aim to instil the flavour of service and responsibility in their lives, the youngsters also conducted an anti-tobacco drive in the five nearby villages on the Kanakapura stretch in Karnataka’s Ramanagara district.

AOL faculty member Shreya Chugh, who conducted the course, said: “Peer pressure and the need to excel in every field is driving the youth to extreme choices. These workshops give them important tools to manage their minds and perform well in whatever they do.”

“We aim to let them bloom into more confident and happy individuals, and discover the immense potential that they have,” she added.

Source: Rediff News, Art Of Living Universe