Guru Story

I was doing seva in the Bangalore Ashram. Suddenly one day I lost my wallet in the morning when I was going for breakfast. I came to know about the same when I came out of that dining area. The ashram is such a big place so I dropped the idea of searching it. I just went to the kitchen and enquired whether they found some wallet or not but they said No. Then I registered my complaint in Lost and found. That bhaiya who used to allot the seva early in the morning gave me a choice, he said if you want to search your wallet you can search it , I will not allot you any seva for today. But as I said ashram is such a big place so I said I will go for seva. He allotted the same.
At that time one of my teacher who is TTC teacher now Chirag Patil, he was in the ashram for TRM. I thought to text him and I typed the whole message “bhaiya I have lost my wallet, please pray for me so that I can get it back” when I was about to send it, his contact number was missing in my cell so I discarded the whole message and moved on.
Later on I informed at my place regarding the wallet and told my dad to block my debit card. After few minutes I got a call from one of my friend who was doing seva with me in the ashram we both belong from the same city so he also did his YES!+ course under Chirag da. He told me that he got a call from Chirag bhaiya and he said that he has found my wallet and its safe. I got all my money back and not a single rupee was missing. See chirag bhaiya was no where in the picture, I didn’t text him as his number was missing in my cell but got my wallet back that too from bhaiyya.
When I asked bhaiyya who handed over my wallet to him. He smiled and said Beta “Grace hai Grace”.

Jai Gurudev,
Hrishikesh – Nasik

Source: AOL Universe Feedback Blog