Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 28


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. “If you need me, I am here for you; I will do all possible things for you”. If these words haven’t come out of your mouth then you are living in fear, in distress. But if you utter these words then those are the moments when you have really lived your life: says Ashtavakra.
  2. Can the thirst of your eyes be quenched? Impossible. Beauty is infinity; there is no end to it. How much you can see through your eyes, there is a limit. How much you can hear your praise, there is limit. The praise is infinite but your capacity to hear is limited. How much can you taste? How much can you smell? You can go and work in Perfume factory and you will see you will hate perfumes in no time. Same this with touch. All our senses have limitation.
  3. Life is so small. If it is not shared it diminishes.
  4. You say “I am here for you” to only your close ones, but if you can say this to everyone that is “Seva/Service”. Service is your inner state.
  5. What do you have in first place that someone can snatch away from you? Such fear really draws you down.
  6. सेिा is the essential that everyone has born to do. Inside your heart you have this attitude “I am here available”. सेिा is not an action. It’s your inner attitude.
  7. A beggar comes to you and you throw some 5/- and say you have done some charity, it’s not a charity, you have even lost your 5/- doing this.
  8. No action can be flawless but actor can be flawless.
  9. Seva is s not a favor that one does to somebody or action to somebody, but it’s an expression of inner love.
  10. Seva is the only work which is done without Vasana (or being selfish). Whereas meditation, sadhana has (selfishness) in it because you do that for yourself.
  11. Even behind your smile you want something from other person, thus you smile. Your look changes, your dress changes, your behavior changes, your attitude changes, because behind every change there is some want you crave for. There is “I” behind everywhere.
  12. ” ननिािसना सऩूतिभत्रो ना ककंचचड इनत ननस्चाई ” – When you do action without Vasana then you become embodiment of bubbling enthusiasm.
  13. Have you observed “Your enthusiasm is always connected with some gain for you”. Either in form of wealth, or recognition or fame, or some physical joy, then you are enthusiastic. It’s like nice ice-cream but lot of sand in it. Every words you speak to others, you show off a tone “Look at me, I am something here, I am somebody, give me importance”.
  14. Much of energy is wasted in trying to charm others, I tell you it’s opposite will happen.
  15. There is a concept in India that a yogi should not be enthusiastic about anything, not even about taste or what he is eating. He should mix everything in bowl and eat no matter whether it is sour or sweet. Such concepts are funny and meaningless. When there is no enthusiasm, where can be joy?
  16. Be enthusiastic about something that you never like before. That is play. That is how you lose seriousness in life.
  17. Life is a ball in a hand to play. You hold on ball then how you would be able to play. Throw the ball and it will come back to you with double enthusiasm.
  18. You are free and this knowledge makes you free. Just be Enthusiastic.