Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 24


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. God loves Fun. Nature loves to give you surprises.
  2. You grow much more by unpleasant surprise than pleasant one. Each surprise has big message in it for you to become stronger and go deep inside.
  3. You can draw inference from the past, but you should not judge the past. Be aware of your mistakes but don’t judge yourself thinking that mistake is mine.
  4. When someone else does a mistake and if you do a mistake what is difference you see? Wake up? When a mistake happens, do you see you are part of mistake? When you see yourself as a part of other’s mistake then you have really lived a life.
  5. When you accommodate other’s mistake as yours mistake; you take responsibility to rectify and correct them.
  6. If you don’t consider yourself as a part of other’s mistake then you become separate from them there itself blaming them. Then where is oneness?
  7. When we stop saying “He” and “Me” there comes more belongingness and you become one, then you take one step ahead to rectify what other person needs.
  8. All have good qualities within us, all are like beautiful flowers, when you keep all flowers together you make a nice bookey.
  9. If you consider the mistake as yours; GUILT comes to you and if you consider a mistake as others then ANGER comes to you.
  10. Whatever you want for others, it will happen to you. If you want others to suffer, you will suffer more.
  11. Ask for pardon, “If I have hurt you, pardon me”
  12. Mistakes are nobody’s neither mine nor him.
  13. There is a proverb in Hindi ” एक ही सादे सफ सादे, सफ सादे सफ जाए ” means “If you do one thing and achieve perfection then everything will come to you, but if you do everything at a time, everything will go away from you.”
  14. If you bring perfection in your love, in your service, in your being then everything will follow you, you may be knowing nothing on any topic but all knowledge will come to you. For Example: “You may know nothing about cooking but you may be able to make good recipes which would amaze experience cook too”.
  15. All these abilities in you are just subsidiaries. When source comes they just blossom up in you.
  16. Walk lightly on this planet; you are only here for a little while, wave to them all.