Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 23


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Life begins when we step out of the mind.
  2. How do we step out of the small mind? Through SAMADHI we can step out of the small mind. Samadhi in the form of meditation, singing, dancing, intoxicated devotion and through 100% effort in any activity. All these are different flavors of Samadhi and all these flavors are present in our very nature.
  3. Do not think that ripple should not ever take place in mind, also do not think that enlighten body can never become sick. I tell you it is not true. Body also follows certain physical laws. Body can also be sick, there is a possibility of it.
  4. If the children are unhappy can parents be happy? Similarly when someone in group is not happy it affects the big mind to which we call Consciousness/God. This happens because all small minds of ours reside in ONE BIG MIND (or Consciousness/GOD).
  5. So the best form of worship is to be happy or to be grateful.
  6. In spite of your intention to be happy, if you are not happy then what can be the solution ? Ashtavakra says Instead of encouraging sadness; you dance, sing, meditate, dissolve.
  7. One day or other you will have to get back to HOME which is your abode. Thus cross the LIFE LIKE OCEAN through KNOWLEDGE OF BOAT and reach other side which is your real home, Ashtavakra says.
  8. Disturbance in mind is sum of total of anything in the world. When somebody is under pain if an enlighten person passes through or not passes through he can feel pain of all of them. He is more sensitive. When Jesus would pass through he would feel pain of each and everyone who would not be happy.
  9. Someone asked Buddha “You are enlighten then why do you sit and meditate, you have realized god, you know you are god, then what is need for you to sit and do chanting, singing ?” Buddha smiled and said “I am not doing, it is all happening”.
  10. When you are feeling wonderful and if you are going and ask person “What can i do for you?” will surely do well to others, but it might not do awesome for you. But the day when you feel horrible, hopeless and worst, that day you get out of your room and tell people “What can I do for you ?” that day you would have bring revolution inside you.
  11. The day when you feel bad do more service.
  12. Janaka says “knowing this that is how I am reposing in myself”.