Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 21


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Ashtavakra says Janaka: The thought comes and go through your mind but none of them are yours, only you catch one of it and do not let go is called WORRY.
  2. This is confirmed that all SORROW arises out of getting stuck in one thought, one event, one instance or one desire. It is getting stuck with something that is THOUGHT.
  3. SO HOW DO YOU DROP WORRIES? Two ways to get rid of it. i) Become aware that everything is changing which is called DISPASSION. ii) Practices of Sadhana.
  4. One thing you should accept and that is “You are going to die in no time, then where is the worry?” Take this very thought word by word, analyze it and worry will disappear.
  5. Look back the periods when you have worried? Imagine, how were you? Go 5 years back? Were you not worried of this day? Every time you worry, you worry fresh and new one. You don’t remember past worries which you already overcome through.
  6. If you are worrying here after coming to this knowledge and path then you are sleepy, it’s like starving in front of food. Become aware of grace you are in then worry will vanish.
  7. A person who is very ambitious is not committed. What is Bigger? YOU or YOUR DESIRE? Ignorance is having desire bigger than you.
  8. When desires become hard like ice then heart freezes but when desires in your heart melts then fragrance of flowers blossoms in you.
  9. Only two things comes to our mind “Things we have done” or “Things we want to do”. “Wanting to do” stops you to meditate or “Memory of event” stops you from relaxing. Even a single thought can restrict the ability to go deeper inside.
  10. I am the knowledge, I am the light, I am not this body – Knowing this your consciousness will see your body as not your own but an object.
  11. When you see things as others, you desire for it, but if you see that same thing as yours you won’t desire even if somebody is having it, If you see somebody’s shawl you desire to have the same for you, but if the same shawl you buy and keep in cupboard you won’t desire anymore. Your sense of wanting to have it makes you weak.
  12. When you see everything as yours how can you even feel jealous of others. If you are seeing someone singing beautifully, you desire to sing like them and feel jealous of them, but if you consider your own consciousness in him/her that is coming in the form of voice then you won’t feel jealous. Here duality disappears.
  13. When complications arise in your mind, you start to show off, then you lose naturalness. Drop all complications. That fulfillment itself is so beautiful which draws everything to you.
  14. From a “stone” to the “Brahman”, It is ME all over.
  15. The Virgin word for “Virgin Mary” means “nothing can touch you”, no event can touch you. Nothing can make you unhappy, you are purest of all. Thus Christ is born from it.
  16. I am giving you one more technique today. Tonight when you walk to bed, walk like an Enlighten. Act like an Enlighten. You will not worry for the things you have done nor for things u want to do. Finish. All journey is compete.