Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 18


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Don’t be shaken by the ways of different saints and maharishi’s, their different ideas, methodologies and opinions. See all in one and one in all. Their ways of teaching and methods might be different but everything goes to one DIVINE. Thus Krishna says to Arjuna “भाभेकभ ियनागनत” – “You only surrender to me”. Do not indulge in spiritual shopping this would drive you no where, because if you cannot accept one path or one guru/god, what is guarantee you will accept another guru/god and his teachings.
  2. Though nature has expressed its love in many forms through flowers, clouds, birds, friends, parents, folks, still one is unable to experience divinity, thus divinity itself takes a form of Guru or Master and gives you a glimpse of reality or truth that divine loves you very dearly in all manner.
  3. This knowledge is only given to those who has totally undergone surrender to master and who has already done some practices.
  4. Do not be shaken by any glamour or any power or siddhis, the spirituality cannot be expressed through “चभत्काय” or magic’s”. “That what is inexpressible is called Divinity”.
  5. Don’t get down from your royal seat, don’t be tempted by anything whether material or spiritual, that smile on your face will establish in you in yourself, free from all bondages.
  6. None of our devotees or teachers should feel low at any cost to anybody but at the same time be very humble. May be the pope comes, or any other great Saints comes, do not feel that you are nothing and they are everything then you are lost. This is very delicate if you don’t follow me properly you will misinterpret me. Wake up. Understand this sentence carefully. There is difference between “feeling low” and “feeling humble”. The concern of growth for a devotee in divinity is all there in Ashtavakra.
  7. Never feel “low” before any enlighten person but be very “humble”.
  8. There is big difference in Krishna saying “Only surrender me” and Husband/Wife saying “Only surrender me”(laugh). Intentions are different. The true guru is never concern neither in making devotees nor to rule anyone.
  9. Such promises can only come either through a CRAZY mind or through an ENLIGHTEN mind. To promise like Krishna is not a small thing. One has to be hollow and empty and WITH AN AUTHORITY OF ENTIRE UNIVERSE BACKING TO GIVE SUCH PROMISE.
  10. Have you ever thought of “How big is your world”!! “How big!!”? Your world is very small, your world is just bundle of experiences, have you observed it? World is so big but you have set of experience and your mind is caught up in to that.
  11. Millions have come to this world every day, and millions go, have you ever thought of connecting with all of them? No. Because your world is so short, only limited to 4-5 people or may be 10.
  12. You have experience with some pleasant and unpleasant thing and your mind is stuck with it like super glue. This is called ” िासना “. Drop this impression of past right now.
  13. If you are saying someone that “YOU LOVE THEM”, make sure that you are not saying them out of your Vasana or cravings. Do you really love them “FROM THE SPACE OF LOVE”! True love will not bring sadness or sorrow, but with craving it will bring for sure.
  14. When you drop all these Vasanas YOU BECOME FREE RIGHT NOW, in no time, you don’t need to wait for lifetime.
  15. When you feel you are stuck with somebody, OBSERVE THE NATURE, see the people, trees, birds, mountains, natural scene, you will notice nothing has changed so many people comes they all die. This world is a burial ground.
  16. Somebody who is very beautiful A BOY/GIRL. Have you ever noticed after 50 years they all would be in ashes, you will too. Relax from it. “The Guru is Immortal”, “The Consciousness is immortal” and so “You are immortal”. Expand your world and shrunk your Vasanas.