Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 9


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti || 

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. “Mine” makes you POSSESSIVE and “Me” makes u STIFF. The whole world revolves just around these two words. This is called EGO.
  2. The opposite of “भन” (Mind) is “नभह:” (Surrender). When you surrender to someone, Mind/Ego dissolves.
  3. Often lovers fight with each other, because love is so strong and powerful, their immature nature is not capable to hold it. Mind does not want to dissolve because of Ego and when it cannot surrender it brings pain, to get rid of pain it rebels and rebels becomes fight.
  4. In state of surrender DUALITY (TWO – ME and HIM) dissolves and you become hollow and empty with one.
  5. There is story of Mullah Nasruddin. Mulla was in love with a girl, but he decided to marry someone else, someone asked Mullah your decision is strange? Don’t you love her? Mullah said “Yes, I do love her that’s why I don’t want to marry her, if I would marry her then with whom I will spend my evenings!!”
  6. The mind craves for the object continuously, when you receive it, it loses its joy and runs after another object. Even if people have beautiful wife or beautiful husband still they look for another, it’s not their fault, it’s the nature of mind. Mind lives on craving. It craves on and on and on. If fulfilled it gets frustrate, if not it gets frustrate too.
  7. People love non-living things more than company of other peoples because object surrender to them, they don’t rebel them back. You buy a property, you enjoy, tomorrow you want to sell it because it doesn’t cry. It’s easy to dispose it off. You buy a scooter, car or bus and you can sell it after some days. Objects have total surrender to you, they don’t question you. People feel very safe in owing things. They are happy with objects.
  8. When people get frustrated, they detect everything, they say the whole world is empty, there is nothing in this world. Janaka says the same thing, but with tilt, being happy. For him it was not an emptiness of dejection, it was an emptiness of fullness; we can call it lively emptiness. “Emptiness in love is different” and “Emptiness in sadness is different”.
  9. There is nothing like “Heaven” and “Hell”. If you are happy right now it’s Heaven for you, if you are unhappy it’s Hell for you. These are all concepts of mind. There is no place in abode like heaven or Hell where you will be served luxury or you will be baked in Oven.
  10. Duality is the cause of sorrow. When you say “I am devoted to ____”, (that “to” separates you to whom you are devoted). Knowledge is one step higher that even devotion fulfills.
  11. Krishna in Gita says “A Devotee is very near to me”, but “An enlighten person is even more nearer to me”. Because, a devotee still differentiates between me and him, whereas for enlighten person there is no difference between me and him.