Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 12


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Suppose a delicate piece of cloth is caught in a thorny bush, it needs such a skill to remove that. Same is the case with the mind. It is very easy for mind to either “like or dislike” something, or swing in between these. It cannot exist without these opposite values. You need to have skill to calm down it.
  2. You would have heard the story about monkey. There was a farmer who went to Saint to get bliss so that his life becomes wonderful, Saint said alright. He gave a mantra and said you chant this. Farmer was very happy and when about to leave the saint, the saint said, wait I forgot to tell you something, whenever you sit to chant mantra don’t think of MONKEY, else this mantra won’t work. Farmer said, “Ohh not a problem, why should I worry about monkey, I never think of monkeys. Mine is wheat and paddy field, monkey never comes there”. Then he went home happily and when sat to chant mantra, the first thing came into his mind was MONKEY. He thought perhaps its day time some monkey would be there and I would be getting their vibrations, he tried night time, but same thing happened, then not only in meditation, while eating, drinking, even in dream MONKEY were coming as nightmares. He went back to the saint and asked him to take away everything including monkey and mantra.
  3. Ashtavakra was knowing Janaka’s mind. It was full of unwanted concepts, which were required to remove. Ashtavakra was now removing all concepts from the mind of Janaka. He mentions four points that acts as garbage in everyone’s mind.
    *Sex *Mind *Desire *Fear
  4. Ashtavakra explains on all four of them:

    a)SEX:- This body has come into existence through sex, sex is the oldest impression in this body. The basic impression. There are three kind of sex.
    i) Immature Sex: In such kind of sex people indulge without caring who the partner is. Their whole mental makeup is immature; they are just bound by the body. Their concentration is just at the organ level. It has no feelings. There is nothing new in it, even animals do it.
    ii) Grownup Sex: Little more grown up or a bit more matured people indulge in such kind of sex, here the concentration is more on to partner rather that to organ. There is feeling in it. A companionship matters.
    iii) Love: This is the highest form of all; here there is reunion of body with soul. When the soul is longing then it is more redefined and turns into love, uniting with wholeness, we call it leading to the divine love. Either you like sex, or you are angry about sex in both case you are not free, you are bound to it. Ashtavakra now says. “Knowing it, don’t resist even if these concepts disturbs you, JUST WONDER about it and it will vanish one day”. The very moment you wonder, Sanskar dissolve and you rise above.

    b) MIND:- Desire and lust are known as the biggest enemy for awareness to mind. It is still surprising; “A WONDER” even though the body is not capable of functioning, one enters into lust and desires. Even having known you get into it. Ashtavakra never said, don’t do it. He always said “Just wonder”.

    c) DESIRE: – Neither desire gives you great joy, neither fulfillment of it gives you any joy, then why to remain bound, why not drop it now and become free.

    d) FEAR: – Even those who have dispassion in their worldly things, or those who are striving for liberation, even for them it’s a wonder to see that there is fear of being liberated.

  5. By sayings these four points, Ashtavakra removed all concepts of freedom from the mind of Janaka, Ashtavakra says – “IF THE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE THEN WONDER ABOUT THE THINGS THEY ARE, DON’T RESIST THEM”