Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 11


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti || 

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Our whole life goes around business (giving less, taking more), whereas Love is exactly opposite of it (giving more, taking less).
  2. We do business in the name of everything, in the name of love, in the name of relationship, in the name of self, in the name of god! So funny. Even in relationship people demand more, again and again, if they are contributing something, they expect double in return. The whole mechanics needs to be reversed.
  3. When you are ready to lose yourself into the infinite nature then you are totally united with Divine.
  4. Janaka now realizes, says AHO. He says how all these little-little minds and desires, feelings, situations, arises in me, plays in me, and dissolves, by their very nature.
  5. Ashtavakra smiles at Janaka, It was a smile of a gardener who is seeing his garden blossoming full of flower, he smiles for what he has come to share knowledge and Janaka has recognized it.
  6. It is so easy to be Buddha, to leave everything sitting under tree, simply wearing saffron dress and having two time food, so called spiritual people run away from crowd. But it was not in case of Janaka, being in the world, being in the midst of people, having much more responsibility than any common man he attained the highest enlightenment.
  7. When any business gets in your soul, it eats up your soul.
  8. Not knowing self, you start finding joy in all the sense and pleasures. Where is the source of pleasure? You think I will eat lots of gulab jamuns, how much can u have it? You have limitation in your experience? Food is nice, how much can u eat? The same food which was giving you pleasure now causes pain in you, same with music, you see something beautiful scenery, what do you do? You touch feel? Then? You see Kashmir, “ohh very beautiful”. What do you want yo do with mountains? Everything is burning you down and leaving your hands empty. You are left with ashes. But, then why all these things appears to be so nice, why our mind is attracted to all these dimensions? Because you don’t know yourself. The Joy you are finding in sex, alcohol is not the joy in it. It is the joy in self. Just wake up and see the most of our body is dead, it’s not alive. You don’t know that something more beautiful is residing inside you. You are joy.
  9. Joy appears to be in this little thing, that little things are all illusion, what you think a joy is? A sensation arising in you? Isn’t it?
  10. The entire Sadhana, Pranayam, Yoga, Meditation is to remove inertia from the body. Many even do not know this, because they are so used to be agitated of their routine, that they continue to live their own life, considering this is how life is to be lived. So ignorant.
  11. Semiconscious mind is the mother of useless desire, when you are sleeping desire doesn’t arise, or even in fully awake state you have everything thus desires doesn’t arise. I am not saying you don’t keep any desire, just know that desire cannot be bigger than you. You be happy having desires and even happy when you cannot achieve it. Become conscious.
  12. Some XYZ will irritate you in any corner of world! This is what we call भामा, An illusion in mind is about fleeting events thinking that, it is reality, the nature of world is to irritate you, and its bless for you, because if nothing will irritate you you won’t grow bigger, all these things in world is for your own growth, for you to look into yourself.