Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 10


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti || 

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. When you are caught into the STORM OF FEELING, have you noticed your mind? Your ideas, concepts, nothing works. Nothing enters into the mind because mind is in the whirlpool of storm; this is the only basic problem with us? How to become free from such storms Janaka wonders?
  2. Ashtavakra explains: No storm can be there for all the time, it’s impossible. They come and subside, one storm arises and again it subsides too, it’s like waves in the ocean.
  3. An ocean cannot be there without waves, similarly life cannot be without storm of feelings and every event or storm touches the soft corner of you making you stronger and deeper. Otherwise we keep running away from small things, pleasant, unpleasant, good feelings, sad feelings, and it’s enough for you to become more feverish and start blaming yourself.
  4. Whether you like or dislike, storm comes in you and pulls small things of “likes and dislikes” from you and makes you big, every storm is blessing. It destroys you. It cuts you. You cry and if you are knowledgeable, you won’t cry, you will laugh. Because you know your infinite nature is not a limited personality. YOU ARE NOT A WORM.
  5. You become bigger and grow out of it. That is called Crucifixion.
  6. Crucifixion is not just Jesus hanging on cross, it states WHAT CAN CRUCIFY ME! WHAT CAN DESTROY ME! There is nothing that can destroy me, come what may, there may be cruiciating pain but nothing can destroy me. Welcoming difficulties with both the hands and hugging to it is what Crucifixion is. I am here. I am much bigger than all these emotions and waves. They all rise inside me, I don’t reside in them and thus they cannot destroy me. Let them be. Bring broad perspective to it.
  7. Your look for perfection has created imperfection inside you. Peace and Perfection comes from within not from without; you are the center of universe, whom you are looking for? Wherever you go u will carry your own mind and wherever u go u will create same storm around u unless u are into knowledge.
  8. Janaka does not questions now why the storm arises in his mind? He now wonders what a beautiful thing is happening in him, how this storm is arising in him? When you wonder the creation, question subsides.
  9. AHO (OHH), Janaka says, I got the clue : I was thinking, I can be only peaceful when storm subsides, now I know even if storm comes I am still the ocean and still peaceful, waves arises in me, I don’t arise in them.
  10. Janaka laughs at his personality, says ohh the poor personality in me, thank god, god destroyed it, nothing has happened. This is the role of knowledge; you smile and laugh at all storms that comes to you.
  11. So when storm arises, be with it, don’t try to get rid of it, and of course we have practices, Meditation, Kriya, Pranayama and Satsang that purifies you and makes you more strong from inside.
  12. What to do when storm arises?
    *Become aware of it, when you become aware of it, the very moment storm subside.
    *Stop regretting about that event, let it go off.
    *It is the nature, Storm comes and go like a wave in the ocean, so what. Nothing can snatch away your smile from you.