Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 6


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Ashtavakra says Janaka – There has to be two things in relationship.
    *Love: If there is only love and no respect then you won’t take anything seriously and *Respect: If there is only respect and no love then nearness is lost.
  2. Bhagwad Gita happened in between war hence it was having its effect on Arjuna, so many questions was arising in his mind about the knowledge that Krishna was giving to him. But the Ashtavakra happened in peaceful environment which made Janaka to realize it in a fraction of time and to wonder AHO (OHH!!) came out from him.
  3. Janaka on listening Ashtavakra in no time he understood that everything around him was happening and he was untouched. Thus he became free from all hassles.
  4. There is something that changes and something that remains unchanged. The which remain unchanged is also the witness of what is changing. For example: Your body changes, you become fat or thin, you don’t notice it, but when someone sees you after long time, they notice it. Thus, for you, you remain unchanged and the thing witnessing is called ” आत्भा चेतना (The Soul)”
  5. When the words touch your intellect, Pride comes in you. But when words touch your heart, Love comes in you. For Example: When you go out for a intro talk, you feel some pride in you. But when you are hearing knowledge in satsang you feel surrendered. The words are same but their impact is different. The first one impact on intellect, and second one impacts on heart.
  6. People wait for Messiah to come. Jesus will come, Buddha will come, Maitreyi will come. But did people ever recognize them when they were already on this earth? We forget God is always there within us, around us, inside us. We either hold on to past or to future, but we never remain in present.
  7. Thus Janaka realizes the hollow and empty state. He says either “I am everything” or “I am nothing”, “either I am present everywhere”, or “I am nowhere”, either “everything is mine”, or “nothing is mine”.