Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 5


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. When your mind is not able to perceive things, know that you are holding on to some past impressions in your mind.
  2.  The mind is filled with so many useless films in it, wake up and see what is that you want to hold on, everything has passed till now, and so future will pass too.
  3. Isn’t it is all like a dream to us? Then where are your cravings?
  4. ” मत्र विश्वभीददंभ बाती कल्ऩीतभ व्रजजुसायऩित, आनंदा ऩयभानंदा साफोद्धस्िं सुखांचाया ” – Then you can see entire events as fleeting in its positions, happening, and you remain untouched by them.
  5. Become a fountain of joy, that is your very nature.
  6. Once a person was walking during night time with a torch having feeble light in his hand. In between a way he saw a snake. Seeing snake he started shivering and sweating because of fear. Someone came to him and asked him why are you standing here? He said snake has stopped his way. The man corrected him that it was just a rope and not a snake, similarly we see all small things in our life as a big hurdle, but it’s a master who comes into your life and uplifts you and shows you a way to move on.
  7. Once Buddha was asked, what did you receive from Enlightenment? Buddha answered NOTHING, but I lost EVERYTHING. Life is a game of loosing. When you prepare yourself to lose everything, world falls at your feet. Everything that you were craving for will come to you, but before that you will have to lose them.
  8. There is a beautiful word ” ननयंजन ” means untouched/unstained. You are not the body; you are the glow of consciousness. The most pure form of divine. The untouched.