Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 3


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||

Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. When you go and stand on a beach a wave comes and lashes at your feet and when it recedes it takes some mud underneath your feet, but nothing happens to your feet, just the mud is taken off. Same thing happens with time. Time comes and lash on you and takes a little bit of mud underneath your feet. It can’t do any damage to you. Reminding ourselves of peace is Truth.
  2. If you are determined to worry, worry for something big like about planet, about universe, about global. If you are determined to bother, bother about something big.
  3. There are five dimensions in universe. These five dimensions is combination of Five senses + Five elements.
    – Movement (Want to Run Away) – Air element is dominating.
    – Anger (Tightness) – Fire Element is Dominating.
    – Togetherness (Oneness) – Water Element is dominating.
    – Fear (Love, Discomfort and Total Comfort) – Ether Element is dominating.
    –  Touch (Sensation) – Earth element is dominating.
  4. All these five elements Air, Water, Space, Earth, Ether effects on our mind. They dominate one another. But no element dominates till last. Everything vanishes.
  5. When you get stable in self you can control over universal things. Like if you wish rain should stop it will stop, if you wish sun should come out it will come out and shine. The main switch is in you. When you become aware you become master to universe.