Leaking Pipe at Ashram


An Experience Shared by Bawa

This is a story from about 14 years ago!!

A few of us were sitting with Guruji and He suddenly said, Oh I need to go to the city, Raghu go and see if the car is there or has it already left (this was the time when there was exactly one car in the Ashram and almost everyone used it, if they needed to go anywhere).

As Raghu got up to check, Guruji asked him to sit down and said don’t bother, I will check from here. He closed his eyes for a few seconds (this was even before we had an intercom or even a telephone line on the Ashram) and said hmmm the car has left about 15 minutes ago. Never mind I will go to the city tomorrow. We were all quite impressed with this but I was very much in the “test the Guru” phase at that time and when we left the Kutir for lunch, I quickly enquired from the reception if the car was there and what time did it leave and it matched perfectly with what Guruji had mentioned!

A day or so later I went to His Kutir at about 9 am. No one was there yet and He welcomed me in with a warm smile but He looked a bit tired and I told Him so. He explained saying that last night there had been a pipe which was broken in Ashram and if it don’t get fixed, no one would had water in the morning.

So along with some other people Guruji had stayed awake for the later part of the night looking for the leaking pipe and then just a few hours ago, they had found it and got it fixed and so He had slept only an hour. So I asked Him, Guruji if you can sit on this chair and find out if the car had left or not, why din’t you just simply tell people where the leak was and they could have got it fixed and everyone could have slept?

He stood up took my hand and looked deep into my eyes and said: Enlightenment is not simply knowing everything. Enlightenment is knowing everything and then forgetting it!

Then He smiled mischievously and said besides all of them (the people who stayed awake searching for the leak with Guruji) wanted to spend time with me!!

Source: Gyan Dhara

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