Guru Kripa!

Knowledge Sheet

23rd of January, the day when HIS flight was via Kolkata (West Bengal) from Patna to Bangalore and I rushed with a 20 minutes notice to the airport. I knew he could not come out of the flight nor jetlite people would allow me to go in but how could I let my guru go even without a flower of gratitude from Kolkata? It was HIS call and merely my wishes are HIS will. That was Monday and while praying to Lord Shiva early in the morning I recollected the memory of that homely RudraPooja with him in Prasadji’s house a fortnight ago where he permitted me to become a lifelong volunteer in Bangalore Ashram. All HIS GRACE that one of my friend called me from Patna who has just attended RudraPooja with him and asked blessing so that he could meet him in person. Neither he nor me was knowing till then that HIS flight is via Kolkata. I said I wish to meet Guruji, just go and check for his flight and meet him there in the airport itself. Within few minutes his call came again and he said ”Guruji’s flight was via Kolkata only and its HIS wish that I called you. Run to airport now! And MY BOUQUE OF GRATITUDE COULD REACH HIM THAT DAY IN HIS FLIGHT!

With Love,
Jai Gurudev!
Vijaya Lakshmi!