Meditation for caregivers

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It Takes Courage to Care with a Smile

Vijaya and Natrajan had the picture-perfect marriage till Vijaya was diagnosed with cancer. Hearing the news, I braced myself before meeting them. I pictured them with faces pinched with sadness and uncertainty, questioning their fate. Imagine my surprise when I was welcomed with the usual smiles and irresistible South Indian filter coffee.
I only marveled at this couple more and more and tried to decipher their secret: how can one maintain a sense of peace, optimism and zest for life even in such circumstances?
“My last moments have been so happy because of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sudarshan Kriya, meditation andwisdom, and they are our constant companions,” said Vijaya, with a smile, while her husband patiently tended to her needs. Everyday the couple would meditate. Even when Vijaya could no longer sit up, she would do a guided meditation, lying down.