The World Youth Festival: Live’n’Act in presence of Sri Sri

Live n Act

We are delighted to invite You to the first event of its kind in Europe – the World Youth Festival: Live’n’Act.

It will take place on July 20-21st, 2012 in the Art of Living International Centre in Taraska, Poland. Taraska is situated in the peaceful, natural environment of Sulejów Landscape Park which includes the Pilica River, considered as the most holy and high-energy river in Poland!

During this unique event, you can take advantage of many valuable and energetic workshops, lectures, projects and concerts.

The motto of “Live’n’Act”, is an appeal to take life in your hands and act! You can be sure You are going to be inspired, especially since the Festival will be in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!

Join us before, during and after the World Youth Festival. Here are the dates:
July 15-19: YES! International Camp
July 15-19: YES!2 International Camp
July 15-19: YES!+ International Camp
July 20-21: The World Youth Festival – Live’n’Act
July 22-31: 10 Day Silence Course

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend this unforgettable time with enthusiastic young people from all around the world!

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Source: Art Of Living Universe