Express Your Gratitude! (Sri Sri’s Birthday – 2012)

Sri Sri's Birthday

Jai Gurudev DearOnes,

After doing the Art of Living course and being in the company of  H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, lives of the millions around the globe have changed. There has been something whether in Sudarshan Kriya, or in Satsang, or in Silence, or in Service, or in HIS presence which has touched to the very core of our being and transformed us into different person. Look back and see how big this change is. Realizing this itself gives so much of joy and amazement which is indescribable. Go back into the memories of those Guru Stories when you experienced grace, blessings and joy and share with others. This could be the mean of inspiration for you as well as for others.

On this special occasion of our Poojya Gurudev’s Birthday lets express our Gratitude towards our Master and  Share all our experiences in short which have changed our life!

All the experience shared will be posted on this Website as well as on Grace Of Guruji’s Offcial Facebook Page.