Master Is The Door

Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker

You are lost on the street. There is rain, thunder, wind and cold; you need shelter. You look around and find a door. You come to the door because it is more inviting, more charming, more joyful than anything out on the street.

When you enter the door of the Master, you come Home. You see the world from a new perspective. From inside you can still hear the thunder and see the rain but it no longer disturbs you. Inside there is warmth and security. The world looks much more beautiful – not a nasty place but a place filled with love, cooperation, compassion. You fear drops away.

When you can see the whole world through the eyes of the Master, it is a sign that you have come to the Master; you have entered the door. This is the purpose of having a Master.

If you are still seeing the world as before, then you have not yet come to the Master; you are still standing out in the street, cold and wet; you are only looking at the door, you have not yet entered in.

What does it mean to “see through the eyes of the Mater”? Just this: every situation that you face, you are thinking – If this situation comes in front of the Master, how would he handle it? If this complication comes to the Master, how would he take it? If someone blames the Master, what would he do?

The key is to feel the Presence of the Master. The Master is the presence, not a relationship. Relationships can be broken, mended and broken again. There is craving and aversion in every relationship. This is the wheel of sansara, the misery of the world. All relationships go topsy-turvy, whereas the Presence is vast, infinite, stable and centred.

Don’t make the Master a worldly relationship. “Oh, he looked at me.” “He didn’t look at me.” “Oh, he said this.” “He didn’t say that.” “Somebody else is close; I am not close.” All this garbage comes into it.

Just enter the door of the Master and come Home. Only the Presence of the Master will bring fulfilment to your life – and to all your relationships.