Knowledge Binds

Knowledge Sheet

If you think nobody loves you, know for sure that you are loved. The earth loves you; that’s why it is holding you upright. The air loves you; that’s why it moves through your lungs even when asleep. The Divine loves you very dearly, deeply. Once you realise this, you will never feel lonely.

If you enjoy being with your Self, you will not be a boring personality. If you are a loner, then you can be boring to others. And that will make you lonelier! And if your own company bores you, how much more boring must you be to someone else?

One way to get over the feeling of loneliness is to do some service (seva). The day you feel hopeless and horrible, get out of your room and ask people: “What can I do you for you?” The service you do will bring a revolution inside you. Seva always connects you with people.

When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, brings focus in your mind, purposefulness in action and long-term joy.
Every time you are unhappy or miserable or lonely, you are just coming in touch with your own boundaries, which are the real cause of your disturbance. The moment that happens, the mind goes on a trip and you move out of your centre. What can you do? You can just be grateful and pray for peace. That very moment, you will start smiling and however hopeless the situation is, you will walk through it.

You cannot force enthusiasm and confidence to come back to you. You may read many books, stand on your head, wear nice clothes, but nothing will work. When you feel useless, use that time to be prayerful and you will gain confidence and enthusiasm beyond your imagination.

Don’t think people who agree with your grievances are your friends. They are, in fact, your enemies. The negative tendency in your mind is your worst enemy.

To come out of loneliness, you make friends with people who share something in common with you. But coming together in knowledge is rare. Be a friend in knowledge and uplift each other. Learn and unlearn from the past and move on with creative zeal and enthusiasm. The trying time brings the best out of you. The rewarding time gives the best of the world to you. Life is a combination of both.

Source: AOL Universe