Don’t make more garbage!

With Human Beings getting more sophisticated, we have lost out on some of the simple practices we did as we grew up. For instances, carrying a kerchief in our pockets. By keeping the cloth stuffed in our pockets, we did not have to dry our hands with a paper napkin in a public restroom. Think about it, what can a simple act of stuffing our pocket with a piece of cloth do?

An ancient forest in Canada was cleared in order to manufacture paper products. Some of the felled trees had lived 70 to 180 years before someone decided; they wanted to blow their noses on them. Forests are like the planet’s lungs, except that they do the opposite of our lungs. The forests breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Some of the old forests which have been around for 10,000 years since the last ice age, provide habitats for all sorts of wildlife.

Of course, there are paper products that are more sustainably produced. The general idea is that paper products should contain either recycled fiber or fiber from sustainably harvested forests. They should be manufactured without chlorine. But, even sustainably – produced disposable paper products pile the landfills and sewer systems with things that were only used for 10 seconds. So, be the odd one and stuff a cloth in your pocket!

Taken from Rishimukh – The Art Of Living Magazine, February 2012