Sri Sri leaves for Pakistan on 3 day peace mission

ATTARI: Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left on a three-day peace mission to Pakistan via the Attari land border, on Monday. He believes that meditation and yoga would help eradicate terrorism, and encourage peace and brotherhood.

Conversing briefly with mediapersons, Sri Sri said the path to peace is difficult, yet attainable. “We just need to keep working consistently.” This will be his second visit to Pakistan, the previous was in 2004. Sri Sri shall meet the top leaders in Pakistan.

On the reports of Hindu girls being forcefully converted in Pakistan, Sri Sri said he would talk with the religious heads and create awareness among people. Comparing terrorism to an illness, the spiritual leader commented: “There have been many conflicts in the past, destruction of life and environment. Now, we must work towards restoring peace and harmony.”

He said the Art of Living Foundation is active in Pakistan for the past seven to eight years. “There are thousands of youths who showed positive results to meditation and yoga,” he said. Besides visiting places of religious significance, including the Badshahi mosque, Sri Sri will inaugurate an Art of Living centre.

During the previous visit, the spiritual head had introduced stress elimination programmes. He said the Art of Living Foundation was a part of the relief efforts in Swat valley.