A group of kids… boys and girls… dressed in white…saffron bands tied on their foreheads…prancing on the floor in synchronization…with a peculiar instrument in their hands, called the ’Lezim’…

‘R-mall,’ a plush shopping and entertainment hub in Mumbai, saw a different 26th of January, as India entered its 63rd year of being a republic nation. A group of 65 boys and girls performed the ‘Lezim,’ on the floor of the mall, as shoppers gathered around and watched with keen interest.

‘Lezim’ is a folk dance from the state of Maharashtra, and it gets its name after a musical instrument; a unique wooden stick, with jingling cymbals attached to it. The children, who performed this traditional dance, were from ‘Pandurang Vidyalaya,’ a school run by the ‘Vasant Dada Patil Education Trust.’ The school provides free education to the underprivileged kids of Mumbai. The Art of Living works with the school, and had collaborated with them for the event. Richa Gupta, an Art of Living faculty has conducted ‘Bal Chetna Shibir’ for the school children. In fact all the kids who performed the ‘Lezim’ on Republic Day were ‘Bal Chetna Shibir’ graduates.

“It was a hit,” beams Richa, “the parents were proud, the audience was mesmerized, the response was overwhelming. The ‘R-mall’ management is keen on working with The Art of Living, in hosting such cultural events and programs, which highlight the creativity of the underprivileged sect of the society. In fact, with the association of The Art of Living, the Runwal Group & Kores India Ltd (R-mall management) is planning to organize a ‘Mega Drawing Competition’ for children of Pandurang Vidyalaya, Rajiv Gandhi School and DMK Nappo School, all of them ‘Balchetna’ kids,” she smiles.

Richa Gupta continues to work with the underprivileged children, educating, highlighting their creativity, and inculcating in them, the values of life and love.